Our Target Market

Our focus is to support pioneering social enterprises and charities to achieve their impact potential. We have three key factors that we look for in an organisation which are:

  • Clear impact potential
  • Evidence that the organisation is beyond proof of concept stage
  • Evidence the organisation has a competent and committed management team

Our experience is that most social enterprises and charities adopting market-based approaches typically demonstrate low and slow growth, coupled by frequent pivot points necessitating regular changes in their business plan. Reflecting these common characteristics, most social enterprises and charities therefore require access to:

  • Patient, flexible and affordable funding tailored to their specific needs
  • Business skills support and mentorship that builds their core capacity
  • Linkages to other stakeholders essential to their growth and impact

Our approach — commonly referred a as “Venture Philanthropy” or “Investing for Impact” — offers such a blend of support and has been proven to meet the needs of early stage social enterprises and charities.
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