How We Are Different

Our Key Differentiators

While many organisations provide funding and/or skills support to social enterprises and charities, our key demonstrable differentiators are:

Considerable track record
Supporting the growth of social enterprises and charities in both developed countries and emerging economies

Hands-on operational experience
Both starting and growing small businesses and charities

“Impact first”
No financial hurdle, with our support being focused on achieving lasting impact

Collaborate to structure appropriate funding
By working in partnership, we structure funding most appropriate to meet the specific needs of each organisation

“Equity” mindset
Provide patient and flexible capital suited for long term growth and impact

Provide hands-on business skills support
Support and mentor social enterprises and charities to help them mitigate risk and achieve viable growth

Work in long-term partnerships
Actively seek to build trust and openness with social enterprises and charities for mutual benefit and success

Our Market Positioning

Sumerian Foundation’s core market in the spectrum of capital.

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